A nutshell about to [K]rack

The Fitting Room Chronicles; [Episode 1]

Harvey Nichols fitting room
Harvey Nichols- Kuwait

I made a trip to Harvey Nichols at the grande avenues mall the other day and it was a success! A quircky Kuwaity brand named [Local Tees] were showcasing some of their amazing, [Kuwaiti with a Twist] T-shirts & that’s exactly what I was on the hunt for.

This, of course, goes without saying that I was dying to checkout the [infamous] Harvey Nichols’ over all interior design but I was most curious about their [fitting room], and I must say; It did not disappoint!!

Spacious, perfect lighting and full of mirrors.. in short, it’s your [ideal] fitting room. The best fitting rooms out there are ones with back and front mirrors because… yes! you guessed it- it’s super important to know how things look like on your back!

Onto [Today’s Pick]~

Brand: Local Tees

Description: Cotton [Sadu] pattern with a modern twist, wide sleeveless cut & over-flowing. The t-shir is comfortable, funky and easy to pull off with your favorite pair of jeans/ leggings!

(P.S.: It is available as a form-fitting t-shirt for men)

[Sadu] Loose tanktop- Tan jeans- and one thing I can almost never go a day without; [Oversized denim shirt]

[Closeup]; Sadu print with a twist.

This completes [episode 1] of [The Fitting Room Chronicles], stay tuned for more episodes~

Have a good day, everyone xx


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