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Outfit Flower: Pattern on Pattern

Today I bring to you the outfit flower “or thats what i call it” basically i combine pieces together to inspire you guys on how to mix & match your outfit. pattern on pattern is IN but its not easy to prefect it, in other words you could look like a clown if you didn’t do it right.

So good Luck boys.

Flower outfit


HORIYOSHI THE THIRD cashmere scarf / 100KWD

BOTTEGA VENETA silver Bracelet / 170KWD


SUNPEL striped T-Shirt / 17KWD

MARC BY MARC JACOBS knit sweater / 100KWD

H&M V-neck T-Shirt / 3.5KWD

BURBERRY LONDON Slim-fit linen blazer / 235KWD

ALEXANER MCQUEEN skull print T-Shirt / 50KWD

ETRO Camouflage patterned blazer 285KWD


BEAMS PLUS Check trousers / 80KWD

TOPMAN carrot-fit trosers / 15KWD


NEW BALANCE leather sneakers / 52KWD

DOLCE & GABBANA leather brogues / 179KWD

FRANK leather wingtips / 35KWD

Stay simple yet fashionable you freaks 😀


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