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4G LTE in Kuwait goes live!

Finally! Zain Kuwait has released their new LTE packages to the Kuwaiti market after Apple officially released their latest iOS 6.1 firmware update.

One important note! If you got your iPhone 5 directly from Zain, then all you need to do is update your iPhone and you are all set to go onboard the LTE network.

Steps to follow in order to upgrade your device via iOS OTA service:

– Be connected to a wi-fi LAN

– Go to Settings.

– Go to General.

– Go to Software Update. The device will check and will tell you that 6.1 firmware is available, go ahead and choose to download and then install it.

– After the update is successful, go to Settings.

– Then go to General.

– Then go to Cellular.

Enable LTE.

That is it! You are done!

And if you have purchased your iPhone 5 from somewhere other than Zain, make sure that your device model is A1429 (located on the back on the phone under the iPhone name).

– Go to Zain and replace your nano SIM card to the one that support the LTE network.

– Follow the steps above to update your iPhone 5 to firmware 6.1 like shown above.

– Upgrade your package to one of LTE Wiyana connect packages (Not shown on their site yet).

And voila you are all set to shoot in a insane speeds over the cyber space.

over and out.


2 Responses to “4G LTE in Kuwait goes live!”

  1. 7th

    Shouldn’t you provide a note for people who want to jailbreak their devices that they shouldn’t upgrade? And unlockers shouldn’t upgrade either.

    Or did pod2g et al say it’s fine to upgrade this time because the jailbreak will include 6.1? And did musclenerd say it’s fine too if you want to unlock?

    • almolah

      Dear 7th,

      according to my knowledge no restriction is suggested for the new idevices since non of them were jailbreakable before! Also the jailbreak community has reported that firmware 6.1 is jailbreak possible and they are about the release even an untethered jailbreak! so be tuned.


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