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Travel 101

Traveling for some people can deem to be a pain in the butt. Especially for those who do not travel very often and when they do it overwhelms them. Here are a few skills that I have acquired throughout my traveling days that should help you move around airports and destinations with ease!

Before Booking

Some Hotels offer the complementary in-room Starbucks coffee

Some Hotels offer the complementary in-room Starbucks coffee


  • Make sure that you have made enough research as to what website offers the best deal. Personally I prefer booking.com since they do not charge your credit card right away. The free cancelation policy at almost all the hotels allows you to change your mind whenever you please. Never settele down to what you have booked, always keep checking until the last minute as sometimes the hotel offer last minute deals in which you can cancel you booking and book again to benefit from the new deal.
  • Always make a theme for your trip and stick to it (luxurious, business, family… etc.) It makes the trip planning easy and helps you in your search.
  • Do not avoid conventional travel agents. Quite often they offer better deals than the one you find online.
Booked by orbitz.com

Booked by orbitz.com


  • Best tickets deals can be found at kayak.com, the website’s search engine provide a huge selection of airlines and a very convenient comparison tool to allow to find your best match. If you are traveling within the United States I recommend that you use orbitz.com, It has the best deals for US. domestic flights.
  • Most search engines for flights have a time filter. Try to organize your trip so that you reach your destination around 2 pm and fly out in the afternoon since those times are usually the hotels’ check-in/check-out times.
  • If you are going to transit at an airport, ensure to allow the minimum of three hours between the flights to account for any unexpected delays.


Still, I always end up over-packing.

Still, I always end up over-packing.

  • If you are a frequent traveler, having a checklist can come in handy. I personally do that and it helped me pack fast and effecintly
  • Always bring a deferent set of clothes in your carry-on backpack! It saves you a lotta of hassle if the airline misplaced your suitcase.
  •  Liquids are a no-no in your cary-on. It would just delay you at security check-points and quite frankly there is no major need for them. One could always buy disposable toiletries at transit airports. Needless to mention the free sprays of perfume that you can always have at the transit duty free shops 😉

Traveling day

I access aircrafts from an unusual places

I access aircrafts from an unusual places

  • Be at the airport at least two hours before the flight. All airline check-in counters close an hour before the flight!
  • Travel light! wear snickers and sweat pants (unless you are traveling for business and people are expecting you at the destination airport).
  • Always ask for an exit seat (if traveling economy) those are the seats with the most leg-space.


YES! It was too bright onboard...

YES! It was too bright onboard…

  • Try not to use all of the entertainment stuff that you have brought with you (iPAd, Magazines, Books… etc.) all at once and spread them around your flight time.
  • Take off your shoes and stay barefooted. At high altitudes feet grows in size due to the pressurized cabin so relax them.
  • Hydrate yourself!!! The pressurized cabin air is dry, so asking the flight attendent for a bottle of water is never a bad idea.

At transit airport

At London Heathrow awaiting my flight back to Kuwait

At London Heathrow awaiting my flight back to Kuwait

  • Look for charging posts for your mobile and other electronic devices to load them up with enough juice for your next flight.
  • Eat! Eat! Eat! So that you could avoid the frozen airline meals.
  • Use airport toilets! Well, the why is obvious 🙂

Arriving at your destination

Bangkok traffic

Bangkok traffic

  • Avoid unknown source of transportation. If your hotel has a shuttle service then take it. Otherwise, look for airport official taxi stands.
  • Nothing is cheaper at the airport than at the city. Avoid activities packages and deals offered at the arrival hall. Just smile at the salesmen and move along.

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