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How to Jailbreak Your iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS Using Evasi0n

Well today I would like to explain to you how to jailbreak your iDevice, and why do you need to jailbreak your idevice 🙂


Step 1  You need to download the jailbreak app it’s called Evasi0n, choose your version and download it.

Step 2 Just make sure that you remove your idevice pin number to avoid any troubles while jailbreaking.


Step 3 plug in your idevice to your computer and run the Evasi0n jailbreak, it’s a straight forward one button click.


Step 4 leave your idevice untouched while the process is ongoing.

– You will realize that your idevice will show an Evasi0n icon once that is shown, you will see that that the software window on your                   computer will tell you that the jailbreak is done uploading to your idevice.


Step 5 just click on the Evasi0n icon and see the jailbreak installing its self, in this process your idevice will reboot multiple time so just relax and enjoy the show.


Step 6 The last thing would be seeing the Cydia icon replacing the Evasi0n icon, at this point you jailbreak is fully installed on you idevice and we are all done.

Now why do you need to jailbreak?

1- To take full control of your idevice (Bluetooth file transfers, choose your default apps such as Google Maps, YouTube …etc.)

2- Personalize your screens.

3- Protect your device further by blocking unwanted traffic using a firewall.

I will be talking in further details about the above in the near future.

Over and Out 🙂


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