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iOS Fashion App: MR PORTER

Mrporter.com is one of my favorite online stores. You can find almost all of the famous high end brands in their web store. Brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Bottega and my all time favorite designer Alexander Mcqueen.

Mrporter.com is a subsidiary of the well-known online store  Net-a-porter.com. Mrporter is dedicated to mens fashion.

photo 2

Both of net-a-porter and MrPorter have their own iOS App. But as you all know my field of expertise is mens fashion so i’ll be reviewing Mr.Porter’s App. The App is well designed as you can see, it have the same feeling of the original website. Also, the straight-forward interface makes it even easier to browse and find what your looking for.

photo 1

The app has four different tabs, one of them is called STYLE HELP. This tab helps you to browse styles if you dont really know what your looking for. You could also check out the STYLE ICONS category and see the pieces they wear. Also, you get the chance to watch some videos about mens fashion in the VIDEO MANUALS category.

At last but not least, you can shop in that app !! yes you can actually shop if you already have your own account in the mrporter.com website.

Enjoy shopping you freaks 😀

Download the App [HERE]


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