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Jailbreak Goodies – Episode 1 :)

As promised last week I will be listing for you some of the killers apps or tweaks that made me personally jailbreak my iOS device:

AirBlue Sharing: it allows you to transfer files via bluetooth’s OBEX protocol. This app will cost you $4.99

The cool thing about this app that it allows you to share or transfer any file available on your idevice to any other cellphone or computer that have an OBEX protocol support.

Here are the step by step work through:

step 1 download AirBlue Sharing from Cydia installer:


step 2 Click on the installed AirBlue Sharing app and you should see an screen that looks like this:


then you should get to the menu screen as shown here:


step 3 press on the Home option, that should take you to the idevice home screen (user root directory) as shown below:


as you can see, in this folder you can find your AirRecieved files, applications, documents, library and your media files, you can share any file on any other these directories or any other directory on your device but these are the most common.

step 4 I am going to demonstrate for you the DCIM directory who happens to be under the Media folder, in this directory you shall find all of your pictures and images. It looks like this:


And here is the list of the images on of those folders:


step 5 Then you click on the edit button on the upper right corner, that should allow you to have the option to tick more than one file to be uploaded at once as shown below:


when done selecting you go ahead and click on the send button on top of the screen, that should bring the search for near by bluetooth enabled devices waiting to receive files as shown below:


Step 6 on the receiving end you should see a receiving screen like this:


Finally, you should see your uploaded images in your computer receiving folder.

we are done, enjoy and please drop me a line should you have any issues figuring it out.

over and out 🙂


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