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National Day Holiday Travel Ideas: A Rundown

So you have got a long weekend coming up (weekend + three days of National Day celebration) and you are thinking of a quick trip but you dont know where. However, you don’t wanna spend much on the airfare since it is, well, a short vacation after all. Here is a list of attractions that suits the time frame and budget organized categorically:

 Beach, Sand and Soul


A resort-full destination

Destination: Bodrum, Turkey

Airfare: 200 – 370 KD

Accommodation: 145 – 320 KD (four nights)

Exotic & Vibrant

A square in Mumbai (Bombay)

A square in Mumbai (Bombay)

Destination: Mumbai (Bombay), India

Airfare: 120 – 300 KD

Accommodation: 270 – 600 KD (four nights)




Destination: Malta

Airfare: 220 – 340 KD

Accommodation: 130 – 290 KD (four nights)

Hidden Jewell

Paradise. Period.

Paradise. Period.

Destination: Zanzibar (زنجبار), Tanzania

Airfare: 190 – 280 KD

Accommodation: 170 – 630 KD (four nights)


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