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How to survive flying; Tips from bed to bed [Episode 2]

This is a continuation to my last post on how to survive long-haul flights. Let me know what you think of these tips and whether you have tried them or not. Enjoy!

  • Always rush into the planes. It is a territory marking technique that enables you to claim the armrest between the two seats.
  • An aisle seat does not mean an extra leg space. It simply means that you will be disturbed more often by the one next to you whenever he wants to get up. However, if you use the toilet more often, aisle seat is the best for you then.
  • Ask for pillows as soon as you take off. they come in limited quantity so be the first to ask for one.
Thats how I looked like after 28 hours of flying...

Thats how I looked like after 28 hours of flying…

  • Take your shoes off. The compressed cabin increases your shoe size. I recommend wearing flip flops for flights if possible.
  • Plan ahead and wear comfortable clothes. Make them light and baggy so that you could have a relaxed time on board.
  • Drink a small bottle of water every hour to overcome dehydration. Cabin air is dry.
  • Having a small bottle of water with you is a good idea. You could always ask the crew to fill it up for you, plus it is easier to drink from a bottle than a glass during turbulence.

Thats all! stay tuned for my next and last post on How to survive flying. Cheers!


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