A nutshell about to [K]rack

Have we met?

Baraa!Meet Baraa, the travel-o-holic! I know a thing or two about traveling (Seasons, locations, economy or luxurious trips and much much more!) So far my field of expertise is earth but I promise you new planets soon

“I have a dream that one day the state of Cuwait, a country sweltering with the heat of Hailag (Haialg n. tacky people), sweltering with the heat of 3agad (3agad n. an even tackier tacky people), will be transformed into an oasis of fun and leisure,” – Baraa



Zouch is about men’s fashion, giving insight on what, how and when to wear. Think of Zouch as your personal fashion consultant. Rest assured that you will be updated with all the latest fashion news, men’s trends and lots more.




This is Abdullah. In a nutshell, I am your Geeky tech expert. I will keep you up to date with the latest tech news and rumors. Never miss my detailed step-by-step walkthroughs. Basically, I got your back.


XeinaA hippie at heart with a flare for mixing the hard edge of fashion with the soft. I’m experimental, and I bend the rules by the rules. Feathers, lace, ribbons & androgyny are a few of my favorite things; I’ll be taking you on a series on Fitting Room Chronicles on the best of what our stores/boutiques have to offer. By the way I’m Xeina.


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